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Well what can I say about 2021. The busiest year of my wedding photographer journey. Cramming 18-24 months worth of weddings into 5 months was truly epic, tiring, mentally and physically demanding and so much fun at the same time. The C word has a lot to answer for haha. Anyway 60+ weddings, 12 Pre-Wedding shoots, countless zoom calls later and the year (5 months) is complete. The editing of all these weddings has been the largest struggle. At time of writing I still have 23 outstanding to edit, so, in fact I almost never published a best of 2021 due to lots of my couples won’t be featured. Instead, I decided I would publish a best of 2021 and add/remove images through the first few months of 2022 until my top 100 Images are listed below.

I also had the great pleasure of winning a few awards, not as many as usual as I actively took a back seat from awards to concentrate on the weddings. My biggest achievement of the year was being nominated for the Range Finder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography. A real honour to be nominated. Anyway I’m starting to waffle on, Let’s get to my best 100 Images, maybe best isn’t the right word, maybe favourite images would be better suited. Enjoy!

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If you love my work and style and will value the creativty, fun and natural approach I will bring to your wedding, please get In touch ASAP. I receive over 300 enquiries per year; so dates go quicker than sweet bags at a party! I only take on a limited number of weddings per year so that you get the very best of me, my skills, my creativity and my knowledge. Let’s work together and create amazing photographs.

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Modern, Fun, Natural, Creative and Awesome wedding photography for couples who love life, don’t take themselves too seriously and are willing to have fun and try new Ideas. Two time Photographer of the year 2021 + 2020; Wedisson Awards. Named one of the Top 100 wedding photographers In the UK by SLR Lounge! 

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