Jasmin + Scott

South Causey
wedding photographer.

I’ve been looking forward to this South Causey Old Barn Wedding for ages. Jasmin + Scott are so nice and I think I have been as excited as them for the big day ha-ha.

My eternal thanks for couples like Jasmin + Scott who are game for anything, jumping through the air, lying on the ground etc – It really does make my job easier and the photographs much more interesting. Thanks guys!

I love the South Causey Old Barn for its rustic feel, large open reception room, the chapel and the spacious grounds with the awesome view over the Beamish Valley. It’s just spot on.

A highlight of the day, I can assure you there were a good few but the Best Men outdid themselves with the speech. Probably the best speech I’ve heard – and I’ve heard quite a few ha-ha. They even accidental threw part of their speech and It stuck into the side of the wedding cake ha-ha – everyones reaction was priceless.

Such a fun, fun wedding – I want to do it all again.

Here are some of my favourite moments from Jasmin + Scott’s South Causey Old Barn Wedding.

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Let’s do this.

If you love my work and style and will value the creativty, fun and natural approach I will bring to your wedding, please get In touch ASAP. I receive over 300 enquiries per year; so dates go quicker than sweet bags at a party! I only take on a limited number of weddings per year so that you get the very best of me, my skills, my creativity and my knowledge. Let’s work together and create amazing photographs.

Kind words.

Ray is the best in the business! From planning our actual wedding day to receiving our photos, Ray has been so easy to work with. Very professional and passionate. Ray is a total kick ass photographer, he took your traditional posed wedding photos, natural action shots and then super fun and creative shots too. He is a genuine lovely guy, with amazing knowledge and passion for his job. He fit seamlessly into our wedding day and became just one of the family, easily have good fun conversations with family and friends, making everyone feel very comfortable. We will be forever grateful to Ray for giving us these incredible photos to look back on. Thank you so much.

Jasmin + Scott

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