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Wow, being a wedding photographer in 2020 was tough. What a hell of a year. 60+ weddings smashed down to just SIX. Postponements galore to 2021 and 2022 was the flavour of the year. In the end I captured 3 times as many pre-wedding portrait shoots to weddings. To say I’m ready to see the back of 2020 is an understatement, much like everyone else.

On the flip side I have appreciated the amount of time off as this never happens so trying to enjoy the time off has be paramount. 3 Camping trips to the lakes with the family, planning for 2021 In terms of business and a boat load of other stuff thats not worth mentioning.

Let’s keep this years review short. Im so thankful to all my brides and grooms this year from the few weddings I was actually able to capture to the 20+ pre-wedding portrait shoots and the odd adventure shoot thrown in. You were all amazing and I am truly grateful.

2020 was my 3rd year as full-time wedding photographer and here is just a summary of the awards won in 2020, not bad considering the year we have all had.

  • 2020-21 Top 10 International Wedding Photographer of the Year – Wedisson Awards
  • 2020-21 UK Top Photographer – – Highest award wins in the uk
  • 30+ Wedisson Awards – International wedding photography competition
  • 7 Masters Awards – Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE
  • 1 Fearless Award – Fearless Photographers
  • 1 Ninedots Award – Ninedots
  • 3 Images shortlisted (winner announced in January 2021) – British Photography Awards

If this year has shown me anything, its that I love wedding photography and I cant wait to kick some ass in 2021 with 80+ weddings. OMG!!! haha

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Let’s do this.

If you love my work and style and will value the creativty, fun and natural approach I will bring to your wedding, please get In touch ASAP. I receive over 300 enquiries per year; so dates go quicker than sweet bags at a party! I only take on a limited number of weddings per year so that you get the very best of me, my skills, my creativity and my knowledge. Let’s work together and create amazing photographs.

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Modern, Fun, Natural, Creative and Awesome wedding photography for couples who love life, don’t take themselves too seriously and are willing to have fun and try new Ideas. Two time Photographer of the year 2021 + 2020; Wedisson Awards. Named one of the Top 100 wedding photographers In the UK by SLR Lounge! 

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