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luxury experience.
with you to 10pm.
no posing.
same day previews.
relaxed approach.

luxury experience.
with you to 10pm.
no posing.
same day previews.
relaxed approach.

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do this.

Hopefully If you have made It this far you can see the value of having me at your wedding and awesome wedding photography Is Important to you. I don’t hide things away, no sugar coating or making you jump through hoops. I’m very transparent and honest, no hard-sell. All pricing can be found below. 

Now without scare mongering, I do take roughly 200-300 enquiries every year so If you love my work, the budget fits and you’re ready to get the ball rolling please contact me as soon as possible using the contact form on the enquire page. You can also book In a chat over Zoom before booking, I actually prefer It If you do!

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The Collection: £2450

I only accept a maximum of 20-25 select weddings per year + only 1 wedding per week, so if you love my work and value what I bring. Get In touch asap.

Included In the collection – I’ll be with you every step of the way from early morning until 10pm – I wont have the engine running Immediately after the first dance. Im there for you guys all day. A wedding doesn’t end after the first dance so why should your photography. Some of the best photos are the night time shenanigans!

  • Your full day covered from early morning to 10pm at night. Perfect for that summer sunset!
  • An Award Winning Photographer and importantly a no posing, authentic and relaxed approach.
  • Same day previews – 30 Photos edited and Electronically delivered to you during your wedding breakfast.
  • Online Pre-booking and Pre-wedding meetings Included. Your Investing £2450 on awesome wedding photography, it’s only right we have a good chat!
  • Private online gallery for you to download your Images and also share with family & friends. Includes a built in print store with very high quality prints, albums and more.
  • 18 months online gallery access, anytime, anywhere.
  • 2-3 Minute slideshow of my favourite Images.
  • Luxury usb + matted print box.
  • Branded Sawyer Box with 150 9×6″ prints.
  • Minimum of 500 awesome photographs.
  • My personal promise to be there for you every step of the way!
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Cotswolds Wedding Photographer PORTRAIT 001
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Euridge Manor And Orangery Wedding 001

ray was one of the best things about our day. he kept us calm + kept us laughing. every single photo was incredible. ray was a perfect blend of pro and friendly, it didn’t feel like a photographer, he felt like our best friend who we had known for years. you’d be silly not to choose him!

– hannah + robert


ray sawyer –
wedding photographer

Having documented hundreds of UK based weddings up and down the country I love to spread my wings as a Destination Wedding Photographer! I only accept 3 destination weddings per year as there Is a lot of work Involved, much more than a UK wedding.

No matter where you’re planning on getting married; Iceland, France, Tuscany, the Caribbean or even the Isle of Skye, Im game If you are. Just get In touch and let’s get the ball rolling! I’ll supply my own Factor 5000 suncream haha!

please contact me for any reason. insta is usually the quickest, if your looking to start an official booking enquiry, please complete the contact form. thanks again.

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